Memorial Fund for Daniel Fitzpatrick

The tragic story of this beautiful child, Daniel Fitzpatrick, who was driven to suicide by relentless bullying at Holy Angels Catholic Academy, has broken my heart. So much needs to be done at every level to stop the persistence of bullying, which took place at a Catholic school, which, as it turns out, was not a safe learning environment, despite the perception that Catholic schools are somehow “safer” than public schools. In public schools, teachers have mandatory, anti-bullying training as part of their certification curriculum. This is not necessarily the case in Catholic elementary schools, where uncertified teachers can still find work, a fact which leaves anti-bullying measures, if they exist at all in such Catholic schools, to the discretion of administrators who themselves may not be state-certified or properly trained. Clearly, the administration at Holy Angels Catholic Academy failed Danny.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Danny’s funeral. The thought of his family having to bury their innocent child devastates me and makes me want to do something about it. As a start, I’ve donated to the Fitzpatrick family’s memorial fund for Danny. Please consider making a donation as well and joining in the effort to stop bullying and raise awareness of this dangerous reality that has persisted for far too long. We must unite in our determination to ensure that bullying never kills a child again.

Love to the Fitzpatrick family.



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