“Stephanie Laterza Puts Queens on the Map!”

I am so grateful and happy to end this week by receiving a new, five-star review of The Boulevard Trial, which also pays homage to our literary borough of Queens. By the way, the Queens Lit Fest 2017 is fast approaching! Hope you’ll join us the weekend of April 29th-30th to enjoy some poetry and fiction featured by some of the best writing talent here in Queens. I’ll be reading on April 29th! To view the full programming for the event and to learn how to become a sponsor, please visit the official event page! Spread the word!

In keeping with the theme of Queens-inspired literature, today’s new 5* review of The Boulevard Trial  says, in part, “Stephanie Laterza Puts Queens on the Map!” and characterizes the novel as having “An intriguing storyline that captivates you, as its characters shock, manipulate, seduce and outsmart one another and keep the reader in suspense until the end!

Read the full review, as well as others,  here.

If anyone else out there enjoyed reading my book, please leave a review. It only takes a moment and makes a universe of difference!

Thanks so much for all your support!!! Wishing you an inspired weekend ahead.

Oh, and once again, Happy Birthday Justin Trudeau, you fine, fantastic, fabulous PM!




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