Newtown Literary’s Queens Writes Weekend

I am excited to spread the word about Newtown Literary’s Queens Writes Weekend (May 19th-May 21st)! We need writing more than ever in these precarious times.

On Sunday May 21st from 1:00pm-3:00pm, I’ll be hosting a poetry workshop at Astoria Park (19th Street entrance). Writers of all levels are welcome. We’ll be reading various poetic forms, including haiku, cinquains, Shakespearean sonnets, and free verse. For free verse, I’ll be sharing a couple of my poems published in Literary Mama and the San Francisco Peace and Hope literary journal. After we read each poetic form, I will assign a thematic writing prompt. For example, the prompt of “love” in writing our own sonnets. Afterward, our writers will have the opportunity to read their poems aloud in an improvised open mic format. This will be a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere which I hope everyone will enjoy.

As a fundraising event, there is a $5 suggested donation to Newtown Literary. For more information, including other Queens Writes Weekend writing sites, please visit NEWTOWNLITERARY.ORG!

Spread the word! See you there!

Peace and inspiration,



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