The Boulevard Trial and the Year’s End

Happy Week Before Christmas, Everyone.

It’s been quite the tumultuous, wretched year filled with turmoil and trauma. But there have also been moments of courage and solidarity among women, a fact which gives me hope. As a writer and a feminist, I continue to do my best to spread solidarity and unity through my work. As Amal Clooney wisely said, “The worst thing that we can do as women is not stand up for each other.” I’ve done my best to stand up for all women through my writing, and in particular, through my novel, The Boulevard Trial.

The Boulevard Trial has reached many readers for its depiction of, “women’s varied experiences,” as well as its portrayal of, “the complexities of the impact of trauma from an individual, intergenerational, and societal perspective.”

I believe if we continue to stand up for each other as women, and have our voices heard, we will overcome the violence and misogyny that have gone on for far too long in every industry.

As my young attorney protagonist Helena declares to her contemptuous Partner boss at the end of the novel, “I am my mother’s daughter. And she made me good.” May we all be emboldened by the sense of our inner goodness, strength and tenacity in the face of evil.

I wish you all a very healthy, happy holiday season and new year. May 2018 bring us further towards strength and solidarity for all women.




New Five Star Review of “The Boulevard Trial!”

Good morning and happy post-snow day. If you are a librocubicularist like me, this morning is ideal for catching up on reading or other literary pursuits as the snow melts and the sun floods the rooms.

I am so grateful for this wonderful and inspired new five-star review of The Boulevard Trial which is described as having, “Vivid Descriptions of Women’s Varied Experiences.” Read the full review, as well as others, here.  Spread the word and be sure to pick up a copy of the book in time for the holidays!

Much peace and inspiration always,


Author Marina Raydun’s Author Interview Series

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I’ve posted, and much continues to challenge us in this precarious world. We need art more than ever to stay strong and focused on overcoming tyranny on a daily basis.

I would like to share this amazing interview that my dear author friend conducted with me for her blog as part of her Author Interview series. We chat literature, writing, and inspiration, among other wonderful topics. Many thanks to Marina, now and always! 

Newtown Literary’s Queens Writes Weekend

I am excited to spread the word about Newtown Literary’s Queens Writes Weekend (May 19th-May 21st)! We need writing more than ever in these precarious times.

On Sunday May 21st from 1:00pm-3:00pm, I’ll be hosting a poetry workshop at Astoria Park (19th Street entrance). Writers of all levels are welcome. We’ll be reading various poetic forms, including haiku, cinquains, Shakespearean sonnets, and free verse. For free verse, I’ll be sharing a couple of my poems published in Literary Mama and the San Francisco Peace and Hope literary journal. After we read each poetic form, I will assign a thematic writing prompt. For example, the prompt of “love” in writing our own sonnets. Afterward, our writers will have the opportunity to read their poems aloud in an improvised open mic format. This will be a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere which I hope everyone will enjoy.

As a fundraising event, there is a $5 suggested donation to Newtown Literary. For more information, including other Queens Writes Weekend writing sites, please visit NEWTOWNLITERARY.ORG!

Spread the word! See you there!

Peace and inspiration,


Queens Lit Fest!

Happy May Day!

I just wanted to thank everyone involved in the Queens Lit Fest that took place at LIC Landing this past weekend. I was honored to be a featured reader at the event on 4/29 and to introduce my novel, The Boulevard Trial, to our Queens literary community. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event by the incandescent waterfront and to connect with poets, writers and musicians from Queens and beyond.

Stay tuned for upcoming literary events!

Peace and inspiration,




“Stephanie Laterza Puts Queens on the Map!”

I am so grateful and happy to end this week by receiving a new, five-star review of The Boulevard Trial, which also pays homage to our literary borough of Queens. By the way, the Queens Lit Fest 2017 is fast approaching! Hope you’ll join us the weekend of April 29th-30th to enjoy some poetry and fiction featured by some of the best writing talent here in Queens. I’ll be reading on April 29th! To view the full programming for the event and to learn how to become a sponsor, please visit the official event page! Spread the word!

In keeping with the theme of Queens-inspired literature, today’s new 5* review of The Boulevard Trial  says, in part, “Stephanie Laterza Puts Queens on the Map!” and characterizes the novel as having “An intriguing storyline that captivates you, as its characters shock, manipulate, seduce and outsmart one another and keep the reader in suspense until the end!

Read the full review, as well as others,  here.

If anyone else out there enjoyed reading my book, please leave a review. It only takes a moment and makes a universe of difference!

Thanks so much for all your support!!! Wishing you an inspired weekend ahead.

Oh, and once again, Happy Birthday Justin Trudeau, you fine, fantastic, fabulous PM!



Happy Valentine’s Weekend

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

I’m sending out love and wishing everyone an inspired, happy Valentine’s weekend.

For the readers out there, or lovers of readers, here’s a steamy (tasteful) excerpt from my novel, The Boulevard Trial, in particular the scene where my protagonist Helena finally kisses her beloved Michael. Get your copy in time for Tuesday!

“Michael’s hands trembled as he took Helena’s face in his hands. He pressed his lips to hers, then drank from her mouth with a grateful tongue, tasting her fleshy wetness for the first time. Never in his life had he quenched such a longing.”


I’ll close with a quote from one of my all time favorite poems by e.e. cummings to send love to those who’ve come and those who’ve gone but left an indelible mark:

“i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)”


Happy Birthday, Cupid.