Short Fiction

Excerpt from Ch. 6 of The Lunasole Class. Forthcoming in the anthology, Latina Outsiders: Remaking Latina Identity (Routledge, 2019).

Excerpt from Ch. 5 of The Lunasole Class” (Set in Quito, Ecuador in the summer of 1994, and told through the lens of teen protagonist, Sophie Corrini, this YA novel excerpt confronts the misogyny, homophobia, and colorism Sophie witnesses against the backdrop of wrenching family dynamics). Obra/Artifact. Issue 5: April 2018- Multilingual. pp. 22-27.

The Weight of Figs” (the story of a son faced with the decline of his mother’s memory and his father’s denial of his wife’s condition). The Nottingham Review. September 4, 2016.

“Niagara” (the story of a freelancer faced with the harsh realities of work and family life before a trip to Niagara Falls). Writing Raw. March 2015.

For Me” (a story about prioritizing a child’s interests, semantically and otherwise). Akashic Books, Terrible Twosdays. January 2015.

The Clown Nose” (a story about comic relief at the end of a stressful workday). Akashic Books, Terrible Twosdays. September 2014.



2 thoughts on “Short Fiction

  1. I read “For Me” and “Clown Nose” and enjoyed them both. They’re both cute parenting stories that I think most parents can relate to. You do a good job at capturing the whimsy and innocence of these parent / child interactions. I look forward to reading more stories like these as I’m sure there’s tons of these kinds of occurrences from which to to draw inspiration. Great work, Stephanie!

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